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Why Waterproofing is Necessary

Foundation Waterproofing for a Dry Basement
A dry basement is a fun basement. More than that, you’ll be happier. Heavy rains can eventually weaken the foundations of your house if they are not protected. This situation will drive up the cost of repairs. Dry basements protect against water and moisture damage, and waterproof foundations will withstand floods and leaks for more peace of mind as a homeowner.

Foundation Waterproofing for Increased Space and Home Value
If you are confident, you’ll have a constantly dry basement, you’ll want to spend more time down there. Wet basements are unpleasant, and you could always use the storage space or as another area for entertaining guests. Why miss out on those opportunities? Have a game room, an office, or maybe even expand your laundry room. With another functional room in your home, it increases the value of your property, as well!

Foundation Waterproofing for Protecting Your Investment
Think back: how exciting was it that first day in your new house? How long ago was it? How long did you imagine living there? You want it to stay safe, clean, and upgradeable, right? Upgrades are important and home improvement is easier than you might think. Foundation waterproofing protects the investment you made on your home and in your family life.

Foundation Waterproofing for Avoiding Moisture and Mold
Leaks and moisture happen. They happen a lot. Often, humidity and air staleness breeds’ mold. You must take all measures to prevent mold growth. Beyond the smell, mold can sicken anyone living in your home, pets, or humans.

Foundation Waterproofing Reason for Saving Energy
Do you like saving money on energy bills? Not only is it friendly on the environment, but foundation waterproofing is also friendly on your wallet or bank account too. Cold air can’t come in and warm air can’t escape.