Protect your building and its contents from moisture

SureDry Waterproofing Systems is driven by a singular mission:
To provide innovative, high-quality, and affordable waterproofing
solutions that ensure customer satisfaction.

Our dual commitment to product excellence and matchless service aims to solidify our standing as an industry leader, fortify the trust of our clients, and contribute to a more sustainable world. We strive not only to meet your expectations but to surpass them, cementing a legacy of loyalty and quality that began with Pure Asphalt Company in 1927.


Innovative, high-quality, and affordable waterproofing solutions

SureDry Waterproofing Systems defends your basement walls against three primary sources of moisture: leaks, seepage, and interior condensation. Our waterproofing and dampproofing products serve as your home’s best line of defense against above and below-grade moisture intrusion, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from a dry, comfortable living space.

Our product range includes mastics, waterproofing and dampproofing membranes, insulation and drainage boards, and crack injections. Each product is designed with the purpose of safeguarding your home from the adverse effects of moisture.